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 GGREC Hamfest

GGREC Hamfest 2015
41 tables of new and used Electrical, Electronic and Amateur Radio equipment
The next GGREC Hamfest will be held on a Saturday in July 2015. Details will appear on this page in early 2015.

Thanks to Rockby Electronic Components and Altronics and PK's Loop Antennas for their support !

Our 2014 Hamfest was held on Saturday 19th July at the Cranbourne Public Hall. It was a great success.

The 2014 door prize winners were:

  • 1st prize - 0-2.7GHz frequency counter donated by Altronics Springvale
    - won by Bernard Wachs
  • 2nd prize - 0-30VDC microprocessor controlled power supply subsidized by Rockby Electronics
    - won by J. C. Jones VK3ZUM
  • 3rd prize - Stamp microprocessor training kit (anonymous donor)
    - won by Albert Hubbard VK3BQO
  • 4th prize - logic probe and wrist strap (anonymous donor)
    - won by Graeme Lock VK3JGL
  • 5th prize - AM FM radio kindly donated by PK Look antennas and a set of hookup leads
    - won by Jean VK3VIP

Images of the event can be found in our gallery.

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